A ‘where to buy’ supplier directory for your home, listing almost 500 UK businesses selling all things interiors.

When you are renovating or developing your home it can take a long time to find places to buy furniture, fixtures and fittings. With the Sourcebook I am opening up my list of sources so that you have a curated list to search through, saving you many hours of trawling the internet. As sustainability is really important to me as a designer, I have also categorised each supplier based on how clearly and credibly they communicate their own commitment to sustainability.

Extract of the Sourcebook showing the following headings: Type, name, website, description, independent/small business, clear and credible sustainability, sustainability notes

This product is for you if:

  • You like my work and values but don’t have the budget to buy one of my design packages.
  • You know what you like but don’t know where to buy it.
  • You want to save yourself time and find out where I go to buy items for my clients.
  • You want to find more sustainable suppliers.

What it includes:

  • The business name and website of each supplier.
  • A short description of what you can buy from them.
  • An indication of which ones are small/independent businesses.
  • A ‘sustainability’ rating for each supplier.
  • Categories including wallpaper, fabric, bathrooms, kitchens, furniture, lighting and soft furnishings.
  • The ability to search and custom sort.

Before you buy:

  • This is a digital product and all sales are final.
  • Please note that a few of the categories are dominated by suppliers based in and around London (because that’s where I’m based), but most of the suppliers listed will cover the whole country.
  • The vast majority of the suppliers in the sourcebook are based in the UK (and a few in the EU). Some may ship outside these areas but additional taxes and charges may apply.
  • I am not endorsing the products and services listed in here and I haven’t used them all. I’m simply sharing a list of businesses that I have collated, which match the things I’m often looking for.

If you need a bit more help from me than just a supplier directory for your home, please read about my services.