My interior design journey

I’m a nature-loving, cold shower-taking, creative but analytic soul. As a woman in my forties the challenges of having children, losing a parent, experiencing mental and physical illness, and trying to balance all this with working life have tested me to my limits! Throughout these life challenges I have noticed how important my home has been to my ability to survive and thrive. When life gets tough I burrow down into the beating heart of my home and myself, sink into the space within, and let myself be held by the loving webs of support that I have spun around me. My home is part of me, an extension of my emotional space.

This personal experience of home ignited my interest in how we can make our living spaces better. I wanted to understand the aesthetics of design of course, but also to dig deeper into the science of home and wellbeing. My degrees in English and psychology, my previous career in communications (which took me from HR to a youth development charity) and my love of colour, art and the natural world have all led me to this point. They all inform my approach and my interior design journey. Most recently I have completed a course on biophilic design (connecting with nature through our homes). I have also spent time learning about colour, lighting, and sustainability.

The way I work

When I work with clients I bring my heart, mind and instincts to the job. I want you to experience for yourself the joy and satisfaction that comes from creating a home that fits you like a glove. So I tend to think of myself more as a guide or a coach rather than someone who will give you all the answers. I want you to go on your own interior design journey!

Whilst I love the practical side of interior design, I am also passionate about communicating the benefits it could and should have for all of us, through my blog and Instagram feed. And I am committed to ensuring that interior design is accessible and sustainable.

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How I see home

Since the pandemic changed all of our lives so significantly, we have been re-evaluating our relationship with our homes. Many of us are still spending more time at home than we used to, working as well as living there. We know how fundamental our homes are for us now. But we are also influenced by the way that social media prioritises the look of our living space over every other sense. And in the UK we have a particular obsession with our homes as financial assets. So it can be easy to lose sight of what home should be.

For me, our homes are at the centre of a web which connects us to ourselves, others, community, our local environment and the natural world. They are a safe vantage point from which we can watch without being watched; a fundamental human need, not a tradeable commodity; an exploration of our values; and a physical, emotional AND energetic space.

Home is a place where we recognise our nature, nurture our connections, and create foundations for life.

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