All of my interior design services begin with a conversation about what help you need, and the feel and function of the space you’d like me to work on with you. Here are some different ways that I can support you. I can also build other packages depending on your needs, so please get in touch.

I’ll normally have a chat with you on the phone, then come and visit you or arrange an online consultation so I can get a better feel for the space and your needs. I’ll follow this up with a proposal, and if you’re happy with that we can get to work.

I’d love to help you create a beautiful and unique space that feels good. Get in touch to find out more about my interior design services, or to book a consultation with me.



This ‘where-to-buy’ supplier directory for your home lists almost 500 UK businesses selling all things interiors. You’ll get access to my own spreadsheet of suppliers which I use when advising clients and specifying furniture, furnishings and fixtures.

Read more about The Sourcebook.



An in-home or video consultation designed to initiate and energise your home project. Together we’ll identify priorities, generate ideas, and I’ll highlight key ways in which your home could better support your wellbeing. We can cover space, lighting, sourcing, colour and styling, and the session will be tailored to your needs.

This session includes a consultation of up to 2 hours. I’ll email you with a list of action points, tips and suggestions afterwards. These will help to align your home with how you want to live and bring it, and you, back into balance.


Half day – £225, full day £350

Keeping on top of clutter within the home is critical to wellbeing, but it can feel daunting. I can help you to review and streamline what you own so that your home feels calm and ordered. Together we’ll identify what’s important to you, and what you’re ready to let go. I’ll recommend how to organise the things you need and love, and what to do with the items you’re not going to keep. This will prepare you well for any design work which you’d like to undertake.

You can use this service for one room or several, depending on your needs.


Bundles of 3 (£225), 6 (£450), 9 (£675) and 12 hours (£900)

Great homes take time and building a beautiful living space is more sustainable when it’s done slowly. I will help you create the home you need over a longer period.

You can use these hours on the whole home, or to focus on one or two rooms. My home coaching can include space, lighting, sourcing, colour and styling.
To be used within 12 months.


From £600

If you would like me to produce a complete design for a particular room or space, I can work with you to create a scheme that will look and feel great. Beginning with a mood board, it will consider space, lighting, colour, sourcing and styling.