Everything starts with a conversation about what help you need, and the feel and function of the space you’d like me to work with you on. Below are some of the interior design and styling services I can offer. You might need all of these, or only one.

I’ll normally have a chat with you on the phone, then come and visit you so I can get a better feel for the space and your needs. I’ll follow this up with a proposal, and if you’re happy with that we can get to work.

If you’re not sure why a particular space is not working for you, then I can come and do an assessment and make some recommendations. These will help to align your room with how you want to live and bring it, and you, back into balance.

I can work to any budget, and my fees start at ยฃ150.

Styling services


If your home doesn’t quite feel like you, I can work with you to dress and personalise your space and create visual impact. I can also style your home before you put it on the market, ensuring that it looks its best.



If you don’t have the time or inclination to source furniture, fittings or soft furnishings, I can curate a selection for you. I can also come shopping with you if you’d like a second pair of eyes and a fresh perspective.โ€‹

Colour and pattern


Lighting design is often overlooked but plays a vital role in the mood and function of a room. I can work with you before you begin a building project to create a lighting plan or I can help you to improve your lighting as part of styling a room.ย 


Working with colour and pattern can be daunting, but transformative. I can help you to develop a scheme which feels good in your space, and provides a reference point which guides your renovation or room update.


So much of creating a good feeling in a room is about how the space is structured. I can help you to reorganise and shape your living space so that the layout is right and makes the most of the room. I can also make suggestions on how to shed some clutter.

Space shaping

Room design

If you need help with all aspects of a room or living space I can work with you to develop a beautiful scheme that will look and feel great. Beginning with a mood board, I can create a design which considers colour, lighting, space, sourcing and styling.